the Journey begins with you.

I am passionate about what I do as my own life Journey has taught me so much about the healing process and how each and every one of these modalities can play an incredible healing roll in growth and evolution.  My Ideal client is those who want to change for the better, break old cycles boundaries and barriers who are willing to look at where they have been and where they are and are serious about living the life they truly want to live.  They are willing to do the work and move through the process of understanding acknowledging that we all have issues, we all have a past, and we all have conditioning but it does not have to define who we are or where we want to go or truly who we want to be.  Sometimes we need to step outside the box or everything we have become too comfortable with and except change.  I understand this process oh too well and can honour and have full respect for anyone who wants to embrace it.  I am here for them in that process because growth and evolution can be a lonely and scary process but you don't have to do it alone.

- Lisa Lubbock