Lisa Lubbock

Even as a little girl my inner guidance was always a strong desire to heal people.   This passion led me to nursing where I spent many years caring for all ages. It was here I began to realize my potential; to read energy and look beyond the basic healing process.  Like many people I awoke one morning feeling my whole life was in discordance.   So I asked myself  "WHO AM I?" and beyond the obvious I realized I had no idea!  And so the journey began.

I started with meditation which led me to the practice of Reiki.  I incorporated this into my own healing before offering it to other individuals.  The journey evolved and over the years and the course of my own healing process I found myself dealing with personal and professional relationship issues,  along with mental health, addiction, and financial issues.
I dug deep into the growth and evolution of coping with and healing from all aspects of what life was bringing to me, my own life lessons    This was a rough and choppy process as I had no mentors or anyone else around me even experiencing close to the same level of healing I was willing to go through.  I learned Faith, Trust, Patience, and many, many more necessary requirements to both embrace and grow from every challenge.
I have spent over 18 years working with and in energy healing where I increased and evolved my intuition at every level I learned to embrace the guidance I was given and learned they wanted me to expand and offer that same guidance to many others.   The process can feel painful and lonely but you do not have to do it alone  which is why I offer the Soul Journey Mentoring available to anyone who wants to embrace it.