"I met, and began my relationship with Lisa through reiki energy healing .. Which as it turns out , was just the beginning, of what I soon learned Lisa was capable of. She NEVER offers services, promotes and or sells herself, so it was many months I think in fact almost a year before I even learned she offered remote / distance clearings. Only when asked - did she mention and share the intention behind such modalities.
Lisa is a person with incredible character and integrity . She is very clear that any or all of her offerings are a tool to help those seeking assistance . Clearings are just that, a tool to help you on your quest. It is important to her that the choices are yours, and that you need to be responsible and do the work required to help yourself on your path . Remote clearings, are an option to help you get the old stuff that lingers out of your way - to enable a clearer path. They are not there to offer "a quick fix " . Which is why she doesn't openly offer them . Like all energy healing modalities are meant as helping agents . What I love and respect most. Is that Lisa has had her own journey and walked her path alone. Without any mentors , tools or alternate modalities. She knows first hand, how these various tools can help. Yet she never encourages them, offers or sells them as a you "should do this " ..... She waits for you to seek answers on your own - so you can determine if you need a little extra assistance . Like all things we all only know, what we know.

Remote clearings have been a godsend. They have enabled me to see what was being held onto - and most importantly how far I had come .
For me it gave me the clarity of understanding the emotions that I work through. I clear family members , to help them unblock when I know there is energy turmoil. Even properties / homes need to be cleared and refreshed from all of the energies and happenings that have taken place there.
Clearing is a great way to work though and restart fresh - reset."

Jennifer, Queensville, ON

"Lisa has helped me relinquish fears, has explained the ways the universe works, has done both energy work and personal clearings.  When I’ve seen Lisa, I feel cleansed, I’ve an action plan, I feel lighter, lifted up and inspired with hope. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking healing and/or insight into their spirit and its journey.  There can be joy.  Under Lisa’s wise guidance, let your soul experience the journey it’s meant to." 

C from Stouffville



"Lisa came into my life 18 years ago and has not only helped me through some very difficult times but has also taught me a lot about myself and reminded me of the importance of who I am and how to never say never to any dreams you may have. She is a wonderful inspirational person in my life.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Julia, Newmarket, ON

"We use Lisa for our business clearings 2-3x's a year.  We find that getting  a distant clearing done to help open our cash flow lines and clear any negative energy remnants is key to our success.  We recently moved locations and had Lisa do a distant clearing on the new space - she helped remove everything that belong to the previous business, including bankruptcy issues, we are happy to report that since moving our business has only taken off!   Lisa's skills while not always explainable, are incredible and highly beneficial."

Jason, from DDI, Aurora ON

"Lisa came into my life 4 years ago.  I have experienced all of her services over this time.  Lisa has helped me change my life, find my spirituality, unwrap my true gifts, heal my old wounds, and strengthen my being.  Healing is a process, it's something you have to be ready and willing for, it's not easy and sometimes it's messy but having Lisa as a mentor and healer makes me feel supported, loved and divinely guided with each step I take.   I feel forever blessed to have found her."

Jen B., Aurora, ON