Reiki Training

Reiki Training is provided in 3 levels.  Level 1 has a prerequisite of having seen a reiki practitioner prior to your attunement.    Once you complete your first level and feel completely comfortable with your progress you may move on to the next.  With each level you will gain more insight intuitively, increase your spiritual flow and strength, and support your growth and evolution.

Our Reiki Training is now provided virtually.  Once you book your training session by emailing us, you will be contacted to set up your attunement.  In preparation of your training, 3 days prior to attunement please refrain from alcohol, eat as clean as possible and get good rest.  Your reiki training video will then be sent to you.  Each video level is approximately 1 hour in length.

*Included in each Reiki Training Level is 3 follow up email conversations and a 20-minute phone consultation.  Should you wish to set up further consultations we can do so at an additional fee.



What to expect in each Reiki Level

Level 1         

In Level one you receive your first personal attunement to the Reiki Ray.  Reiki Ray  allows you to channel Reiki energy and is the foundation for all 3 degress.  In Level one you will learn chakra placement and function.   You will also learn how to protect your energy field,  how to preform self Reiki, and how to complete Reiki treatment on another individual.

Level 2   

In Level 2 you will receive your second attunement to increase your power flow in the application of Reiki.  You will learn how to do distant healing and how to apply these symbols to assist you in your own life and healing.   Level 2 also offers distant healing which is amazing for supporting friends and family.

Masters Level  

The completion of Level 3 gives you the ability to teach others the art of Reiki.  You will learn how to attune another individual and once again increase your own power and ability with the application of Reiki the completion of this level is very evolving.